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Joan Raveling, M.Ed., AEH, RM

I invite you to embark on the journey within. I have been assisting others on their unique spiritual journeys for 14 years, and would be honored to facilitate yours.
~ Joan Raveling

Joan is a teacher, healer, and consultant. After 24 years of personal healing and transformation, she considers it her life mission to use the wisdom, experience, and healing gifts she developed to assist others on their unique journey to becoming whole and live the life they were born to live.

She specializes in emotional healing from addictions, trauma, and negative family of origin programming. She believes that all illness takes root first in the emotional body. By releasing trapped trauma, memory, and negative programming from the body, illness can be prevented and healed.

An Advanced Energy Healing Session integrates hands-on Universal Healing Energy(sometimes called Reiki), Aromatherapy, guided visualization, conscious tracking and release of blocked energy, and inner child therapy.

Joan is a graduate of the Inner Focus 3 year Advanced Energy Healing program. She trained with Caroline Myss, PhD., and Norm Shealy, MD in Intuition and Energy Medicine, and is certified in Breathwork, Spiritual Psychology, Reiki, and many other modalities of Energy Medicine.

She has consulted for the management of Aurora Women's Health Care, and the Chrysler Corporation. She holds Soul-Inspired Breathwork™ seminars nationally, and has maintained an Energy Healing Practice for 14 years.

Advanced Energy Healing™

Individual sessions by appointment

  • 80 minute initial intake (first Healing session) $100
  • Advanced Energy Healing session $ 75 /hr.
  • 45 minute Aromatherapy Chakra Balance $ 60

Wellness Consulting - Optimize your health with all natural therapeutic grade essential oils, unparalleled nutritional products, and chemical free cleaning and self-care products. Young Living Essential Oils™ is the world leader in essential oils.

Stress Management Therapy - Individual and group sessions using breathing techniques, energy balancing exercises, and a wide range of meditation techniques provide you with the tools you need to navigate your busy life while reducing the stress that takes a toll on your health.

About Soul-Inspired Breathwork™

Breathwork is a simple technique utilizing breathing, relaxation, and at times affirmations. The purpose of breathwork is to put the person in touch with the pleasure of being alive and reconnecting with their higher self.

In breathwork, all you actually do is lie down on your back and breathe. You breathe and you breathe and you breathe! You do this for an hour or more. What happens is quite astounding----your body wakes up. The ancient numbness begins to melt away and you may begin to tingle or feel hot or cold, heavy or light until the energy breaks through and you feel an enormous release and relaxation throughout your body.

This CONSCIOUS breathing provides emotional transformation brought about by insights, new thoughts, and understandings about life and oneself. By releasing blocked energies suppressed in the physical body during the sessions, the breather may experience improvement in health or freedom from specific pain and/or discomfort.

Although the process is simple and can be learned quite easily, it is recommended that you receive the support of a certified breathworker for the first several sessions, whether that is on an individual basis or in group sessions.

The energy of a group breathwork is much stronger than working individually and the power of the group also offers additional support and healing.

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